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Vajirao & Reddy is indisputably the Best IAS Preparation Institute for Classroom Coaching. It is based in Delhi and helps students prepare extensively for UPSC with Best Classroom Coaching for UPSC, IAS Preparation.
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The wait for an affordable, effective, reliable, and best Online Test Series for UPSC is finally over. Our UPSC Test Series is handled by the best experts in the field. Our Test Series for UPSC-IAS will cover essential subjects from basic NCERT to advanced level and make the candidate to quickly revise them.

UPSC Test Series by Vajirao & Reddy are available in Both Language medium (Hindi/English) to help & enhance the skills of UPSC aspirants as well as Hindi Medium or English.

All India GS Prelims Test Series
Why Choose our Program?
Test Analysis
Closely Aligned to UPSC Syllabus
Complete coverage of Prelims Syllabus
All India Tests
  1. Tests are planned in 3 ways: Fundamental, Applied & Comprehensive levels.
  2. Value addition material, Supplementary material & Current Affairs to be provided in soft-copies.
  3. Expert Support via phone & e-mail discussion.
  4. Personalised log-in credentials where you will receive Scorecards, Test Analysis, Performance analysis etc
All India GS Mains Test Series

Mains Test series is the hallmark of Vajirao & Reddy. Every year thousands of students utilize Vajirao & Reddy test series based on INNOVATIVE ASSESSMENT SYSTEM to improve their scores. The immense response from the students and huge surge every year is a living testimony of our commitment to quality. The test series from Vajirao & Reddy has become an indispensable tool for every serious aspirant.

Why Choose our Program?
Delhi’s Faculty now in Lucknow
Personal Guidance Simplified
Never miss a class
All India Tests
All India Tests
All India Tests
  1. Students can download question-cum-answer booklets & approach-answer-analysis of mock test papers from the Vajirao & Reddy student platform
  2. Value-addition, Current Affairs, Supplementary material & Reference Material will be provided in the form of soft copies

Vajirao Institute UPSC Mock Test enables your exam preparation for all the upcoming UPSC Examinations such as UPSC IAS (CSE). The UPSC test series are carefully designed after a thorough study of the syllabus, the exam pattern and latest question trend. Prepare with the best test series for UPSC Preliminary & Mains exam.

Best Test Series for UPSC (Prelims & Mains)

UPSC conducts several competitive exams each year providing incredible opportunities for the growth of your career. Grab the option and put together an effective preparation plan which includes productive utilisation of UPSC Mock test. UPSC Test series serves the purpose of timely syllabus completion, proper revision, practice to learn the best manner to attempt the exam and regular analysis of the preparation.

The test series for UPSC also provides a reliable self-assessment tool to gauge where you stand in the competition and the improvement required to reach the desired score. Analyse your performance after each UPSC mock test and make suitable changes for a better score in the next one.

Why it is Important to join Test Series For Civil Services Preparation?

The Preliminary examination forms the first and most competitive stage of the UPSC examination process. About 97% of all the candidates are held back at this stage only. It is not just a test of your knowledge and depth of preparation, but also of your competence, in terms of time management, accuracy, and presence of mind.

Thus, completing the syllabus and its revision form just one part of your preparation. Another equally vital part is to keep evaluating your preparation at regular intervals.

What Is Test-Based-Learning Approach?

Many toppers recommend adopting a test-based learning approach especially during the last month before prelims. It refers to an approach wherein you just solve mock-tests and then analyze it well, learn from the questions that you have done wrong. It is a great way to analyze your strengths and weaknesses and also give you an insight into your accuracy and the level of your preparation.

Benefits of Joining Test Series For UPSC Civil Services Preparation

Evaluation of the preparation: This is where a diligently planned test series becomes invaluable. It not only helps you be consistent by providing regular time-bound subject targets but also assists you in analyzing your strong and weak areas.

Analysis of Strength and Weakness: You get a clear reflection of the part of the syllabus you need to focus more on. As both Papers I & II have a negative marking scheme, your prudence and smartness in attempting the right questions and the right number of questions also matter. This too you can ace through the simulation a Test Series offers.

CSAT Preparation: Paper-II of Prelims, that is, CSAT, owing to the 33% threshold for qualification, is often taken lightly by the students. However, considering the recent few years' trends, this paper too demands a decent level of preparation. A Test Series nudges you to put in the appropriate level of effort so that you sail through it smoothly.

Why Enroll in Vajirao’s Test Series For UPSC Civil Services Preparation?

The Test Series we provide at Vajirao Institute has been meticulously designed by a team of experts and teachers who have years of experience in analyzing the UPSC examination pattern.

The fundamental motive is to inculcate the habit of regular practice in the right direction among the students. The questions set by our team demand both conceptual clarity and analytical ability. This will not only help in getting an edge in the Preliminary examination but will also be building the bedrock for preparation for the Main exam.

Thus, an integrated approach is taken care of with appropriate weightage given to all the static subjects and Current Affairs. The entire schedule of our Prelims Test Series has been crafted with an aim to let students go through a consistent cycle of prepare-revise-evaluate so that they feel ready and confident for the final performance on the D-Day!

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