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Director Message for Students from S. S. Chaudhary Sir, Director of Vajirao & Reddy Institute - India's Top Potential Training Institute for IAS.
Director Message for Students Vajirao & Reddy

Year wise IAS Toppers Videos, who are student of Our Institute

Watch Live Videos of Vajirao and Reddy Institute UPSC Result Toppers, Interview Questions, Preparation Tips, Mock Interview Video, Strategy for Beginners (UPSC CSE/IAS preparation), Motivational speech, Guidance Programs videos and more.

IAS Topper 2018- AIR 2, Akshat Jain
IAS Topper 2018- AIR 3, Junaid Ahmad
IAS Topper 2018- AIR 5, Srushti Jayant Deshmukh
IAS Topper 2018- AIR 35, Minal Karanwal

Toppers Videos 2018