IAS Mock Interview Registration form Mock Interview UPSC 2020

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Our Panelist for UPSC Mock Interview CSE 2020

Shri M.C. Gupta (Retd. IAS)
* Former Chief Secretary Govt. of Haryana
* Former Director of IIPA
Shri M. Ramachandran (Retd. IAS)
* Former Secretary Govt. of India
* Former Chief Secretary Govt. of U.P.
Shri R.S. Dalal (Retd.IPS)
Former Director General of Police,Haryana
Shri R. Srinivasan (Retd. IES)
(Retd. Advisor to the Govt. of India)
Shri Anil K. Sinha (Retd. IAS)
* Executive Director National Institute of
Disaster Management Govt. of India
Shri Saurabh Kumar (Retd. IFS)
Former Ambassador to Vietnam, Ireland
Shri Skand Ranjan Tayal (Retd. IFS)
Former Ambassador to South Korea, Uzvekistan
Shri B.B. Srivastava (Retd. IAS)
Former Secretary to the Govt. of India Department
of Land Resources (Ministry of Rural Development)
Dr. G.C. Srivastava (Retd. IAS)
* Ex-member Secretary 12th Finance Commission
* Vice Chairman Central Administrative Tribunal
Prof. Rajveer Sharma
(Retd. Prof. of Political Science D.U.)
Shri A.K. Upadhyay (Retd. IG)
Shri A. K. Mangotra, (Retd. IAS)
Former Secretary To Govt. of India
Ministry of Home Affairs
Shri Bala Prasad (Retd. IFS)
Ex Special Secretary To Govt of India
Prof. V. K. Gautam
(Retd. Prof. of Environmental Science & Biotech D.U.)

Silent Features of Vajirao Mock Interview Program

* Personality analysis by Ex-UPSC Board members & our Senior Mock Interview Experts.
* One to One Discussion on DAF.
* Performance evaluation & Feedback.
* Two mock interviews and one personal sitting with our mock interview experts.
* The five members interview panel which consist of Retd. Civil Servants, Ex-UPSC Board members, psychologists and subject experts.
* Each mock interview will be video recorded and the same will be made available to the candidate for self analysis.

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