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Request counselling form to Get personalised guidance, career counselling for students to start UPSC Civil Services exams preparation.
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Free Counseling for Students

Free Counseling for Students

IAS beginner Free Guidance/Counselling for UPSC Preparation Proper Guidance is the real key for cracking the Nation’s toughest exam the UPSC Civil Services Exam. Hence, before starting your preparation for UPSC Examination, one should make sure that the path he/she taking is clear and not muddled with confusions. To clear the confusions and tackle other various problems that may cross their path during the course of the preparation one may a proper guidance which will help the candidates to walk this difficult path and reach their goal. Some of the common difficulties faced by the candidates before or after starting their preparation are the best resources to refer for study, how to read newspaper, time management, choosing the right optional subject among the others. So to help the IAS aspirants on how to tackle these difficulties and guide them in the right path, Vajirao’s offer the “Free Counseling for UPSC Preparation”.

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Vajirao One to One Counseling

All students who request a counseling appointment will be offered in the first instance, a brief consultation appointment. We have a large number of pre-booked appointments available at varied times throughout the week with different counselors. Complete our request counseling form to book a brief consultation appointment.

We also offer lunchtime drop in brief consultations.

You may be referred on for ongoing counseling following your initial brief consultation. Each counseling session lasts about 50 minutes, where you will have an opportunity to talk about what is going on for you. Counselors will not be able to provide instant solutions but will listen and facilitate an increasing awareness of yourself and your choice of possibilities. To come for counseling takes courage as it involves facing up to your difficulties and asking someone else for help. It is not a sign of weakness but a sign that you are taking steps to address any problems you are experiencing.

Vajirao One to One Counseling
IAS Beginner Counseling & Guidance

IAS Beginner Counseling & Guidance

  1. Consider other career options, before you finally decide upon Civil Services.
  2. From under graduation stage you can start preparing for “CSE”.
  3. Read Newspapers, Magazines, watch TV debates etc, for important national and international events.
  4. Go through NCERT book for classes XI & XII for Arts subjects & classes IX & X for Science subjects.
  5. Work hard to come out with flying colors in your under graduate qualifying examination.
  6. Practice speed writing legible writing and précis writing.
  7. The preparation should ideally begin 8-10 month before the first Prelims.
  8. The first 5-6 month focus should be to cover the Mains syllabus thereafter for preparation of Preliminary.
  9. Before deciding on the choice of Optional, aptitude interest in a subject must be prime criteria influencing your choice.
  10. It is essential to prepare few essay. Essays carry marks hence style, skill & speed writing is essential.