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Weekend Course Programme

Vajirao & Reddy is indisputably the Best IAS Preparation Institute for Classroom Coaching. It is based in Delhi and helps students prepare extensively for UPSC, Civil Serivces Examinations with it's Best IAS Coaching Classes.
Weekend Program (Offline)
Course Detail

GS Pre-cum Mains Essay Current Affairs Prelims Test Series Mains Test Series

Date of Commencement



15 Months

Class Timing

1 P.M. to 7:30 P.M.

Total Lectures
  • 427 Lectures
  • 854 Hours
  • 1,75,000 English Medium
Weekend Program (Online)
Course Detail

GS Pre-cum Mains Essay Current Affairs Prelims Test Series Mains Test Series

Date of Commencement



15 Months

Class Timing

1 P.M. to 7:30 P.M.

Total Lectures
  • 427 Lectures
  • 854 Hours
  • 1,15,000 English Medium
Study Material
  • CRUX of NCERT(6 to 12 Class) 10 Set Printed Notes/Books
  • Vajirao & Reddy IAS Pre-cum-Mains GS 18 Set Printed Notes/Books
  • Vajirao optional 2 Set Printed Notes
  • Essay 1 Set Printed Notes
  • GS Topic-wise Printed Assignments
  • Current Affairs Assignments/Notes
  • Today's Analysis Assignments
  • Monthly Current Affairs Magazine
  • Subject Oriented Mentorship Program
  • Doubt-clearing session program
  • Editorial Analysis
  • Summary of Yojana, Kurukshetra
  • Weekly Mains Answer Writing
  • Weekly Current Affairs Classes
  • Daily Current Affairs Video Analysis
  • Daily Current Affairs MCQ Test
  • Monthly Current Affairs Magazine
  • 32 Prelims Test with explanation
  • 12 Full Length Mains Exam Test
  • Daily Pre and Mains Current Affairs Study Materials
  • 12 Hour Campus Library
  • Students can revise his Offline Classes on Vajirao Learning App.
About our Weekend Course Program

A weekend course Programme was brought along by Vajirao and Reddy to prepare for the UPSC Civil Services Exam. The course has been specifically created for students who are unable to attend classes throughout the week due to a work or other obligations. In accordance with this programme, lectures will only be held twice a day, on Saturdays and Sundays.

The whole syllabus, including the General Studies for Prelims and Mains in an integrated way, Essay writing and practise sessions, Current Affairs and Test Series, will be covered in the weekend course. The course curriculum has been created in a way that ensures the quality and thoroughness of the syllabus will not be jeopardised. It has been designed and developed under the guidance of the expert civil service faculties and mentors of Vajirao & Reddy. The 15 months program is unique due to its extensive features, inclusive curriculum, and design considering the needs of aspirants.

645 selection in 2023 tells the success story of our vision and dedication to delivering positive results in UPSC CSE almost every year. Vajirao & Reddy IAS very well understand the specific needs of aspirants who intend to qualify the prestigious Civil Services Exam and contribute to the growth of the nation. This Programme is for those students who want to attempt the UPSC Civil Services Exam in 2024 and plan to study gradually and steadily.

Who should join the course?
  • Aspirants enrolled in regular college courses.
  • Those aspiring professionals who are employed in public or private sectors
  • Candidates who desire to establish a strong and thorough foundation for both the Prelims and Mains.
  • Those aspirant who are unable to join our Offline Regular Class-room program
  • Applicants who want to improve their chances of passing the Main and Preliminary Exams in 2024.

Course features
  • 854+ hours of live lectures (delivered online and offline) which covers the entire UPSC CSE GS syllabus for Prelims and Mains
  • 427+ lectures (6 hours per day) will be taken by our experts
  • Lectures will be held on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Weekly Current Affairs Classes to keep you updated with the ongoing events of national and international importance
  • Everyday Current Affairs UPSC analysis Video Classes with Assignments
  • Topic-wise Easy-to-learn Study Materials
  • Doubt Clearing Sessions
  • Personal Mentorship
  • Weekly Prelims and Mains Test based on UPSC pattern (MCQs and Subjective answers) – 32 Prelims Test Series and 12Full Length Mains Exam Tests Series.
  • Regular answer writing Practice
Distinct feature:
  • Aspirants will get personal mentorship from expert mentors which includes ex-UPSC officials also.
  • Continuous support and guidance will be provided until any aspirant cracks UPSC CSE.
Course Details

The preparation of UPSC Civil Services Exam demands a calibrated approach to tackle various aspects like basic concepts, their application in the examination, ability to articulate through answer writing, regular updates and dynamic approach with a focus on current affairs. Hence it needs a synchronised and systematised effort to make a lot of entities work in concert.

1.Pre-cum-Mains Classes
  • The course includes integrated planning for both the Prelims and Mains examination.
  • Candidates will benefit from covering the entire syllabus in 15 months.
  • Once the ground is prepared with understanding of syllabus, elaborated and detailed classes will be provided covering the entire UPSC Mains syllabus with largely Mains perspective.
  • Through these classes students will be equipped with critical thinking skills along with the skills for analysis and problem solving.
  • Contemporary issues classes will be provided as part of mains updation.
  • Topic wise answer writing sessions will be conducted in a time bound manner.
  • These classes will work as a bridge between your preparation and the actual demand of the examination.
  • It will lay a solid foundation of concepts and will help in developing the perspective & approach needed for the preparation.
2.Current Affairs
  • Along with GS classes aspirants will also get access to our Weekly current Affairs Classes (3 hours every Saturday) for the coverage of Current Issues of GS Paper I &II for Prelims and GS Paper 1, 2, 3, 4 & Essay for Mains.
  • It will contain not just facts, but examination relevant analysis.
  • This will help in keeping aspirants up to date with the UPSC relevant current analysis and help in making current affairs notes.
  • Daily Current Affairs Analysis video classes with Assignments that is called Today’s Analysis.
3.Test Series
  • 32 Prelims Exam Test Series and 12Full Length Mains Exam Test Series will be conducted as a part of the course.
  • Regular test will be the part of the course to help you to monitor your progress and also helps us to know whether someone requires additional support or not.
  • Our Prelims, Mains and Essay Test Series are part of this course.
  • Each Test will be followed by test discussion by concerned faculty.
  • Discussion Classes are designed in such a way that they will help in concept building and Value Addition on the other related topics of the respective Test.
4.Essay Practice
  • Essay Class offers wide coverage of all the dimensions for essay through practice-based approach by the best faculty to ensure your exam readiness.
  • The course also includes tests to guide aspirants in scoring well by broadening their analysis and critical thinking capacity.
5.Answer writing practice sessions
  • Regular Answer Writing will be conducted that not only develop the needed skill set of articulation and presentation in answer writing but also focus on improving your conceptual clarity and syllabus coverage in a time-bound manner. 
  • It will include Answer Writing, Evaluation, and one to one discussion.
6.Personalised Mentoring
  • In addition to regular classes, regular One-on-One doubt clearing sessions will be conducted to identify areas for improvement and accordingly provide our students personalised recommendations to improve one’s chances of success.
  • Mentorship session will be done with respective Faculty after Copy Evaluation to provide Relevant Insights and Feedback to each candidate as per his/her Performance.
7.Study Material
  • Well-designed, exhaustive and updated study material will be provided which are self-explanatory.
  • It includes CRUX of NCERT (6 to 12 Class) - 10 Set Printed Notes/Books, Vajirao & Reddy IAS Pre-cum-Mains GS- 18 Set Printed Notes/Books, Essay Notes, GS Topic-wise Notes Assignments, Current Affairs Notes Assignments and UPSC Today Analysis Assignments, Monthly Current Affairs Magazine.
  • Everyday Current Affairs UPSC analysis Video Classes with Assignments will also be provided.
  • Assignments and study material will help to practice and revise the topics that they have covered.

Common problem of aspirants

Our observations indicate that the following main difficulties are faced by the majority of aspirants:

  • Regular dedicated time slot to study
  • Lack a thorough understanding of comprehensive Prelim and Mains CSE Syllabus
  • Disjointed and ineffective preparation for Prelim and Mains
  • Lack of fundamental knowledge of the essential subjects
  • Lack of discipline and commitment along with motivation.

How GS Pre-Cum-Mains Program will help you overcome these issues?
  • It will promote efficient and effective learning and increasing their knowledge of General Studies.
  • These efforts will help students lay a strong knowledge structure by thoroughly and in-depth covering the fundamentals and advanced concepts.
  • Students will benefit from the Programme's support in achieving a balance between their UPSC CSE preparation and their regular college classes or jobs.
  • Since the classes are conducted in Classroom mode on the weekends, the student wouldn't have to miss any of their commitments.
  • The Weekend 15 Months Programme will help you in completing the UPSC CSE 2024 syllabus on schedule, comprehensively, and in depth. It will also enable you to maintain your goal of appearing for the test the following year.
  • Highly experienced and educated faculties teach in a way that is clear to all students, regardless of their level of knowledge, from zero to advanced. They initially choose to lay a solid foundation before building the structure one concept at a time.
  • The Programme's study materials have been thoughtfully created and updated frequently.

Faculty members
  • The highly qualified faculty from Delhi, together with the facilities, study materials, and skilfully designed learning delivery techniques, are what make Vajirao & Reddy the ideal place to begin your UPSC career. Our knowledgeable faculty members come from a variety of colleges and universities. They have the proper skills and dedication to offer a way to succeed in the UPSC.
  • Additionally, they are dependable, competent, and dedicated to helping UPSC applicants develop their careers. Along with effective instruction, they are also prepared to offer tailored support and are open to answering questions from students even after class.
About Interview Programme

After the declaration of Civil Services Mains Exam result our Mock-Interview Program will be held by our Senior Mentors and Advisory Board Members of Last Phase of CSE.

All the Senior Mentors are Government Official Retd. IAS/IPS/IFS/IRS Officers. They are Highly Experienced and Knowledgeable in their respective fields. Many of them also served as State Government Administrative Head during the Service Tenure.

They guide, advice and counsel our students in their last phase of Civil Services Examination Journey through Interview Sessions. Our Team of Senior Mentors come time to time to guide our students and discussion with our Board of Director’s how to crack Civil Services Examination and time to time advise to Board Members of the Institute and Junior Teaching Staff also help to frame Course Materials and they help our Mains Qualified student to crack their final stage of Civil Services Examination.

They interact with each of the candidate one to one session during last phase of the Civil Services Examination. Mentors will also help you for DAF Analysis.

Our Senior Mentors give directions to our students and advise that how to prepare Civil Services Examination and crack the Civil Services Examination & how to get maximum marks in the last phase of Civil Services Examination.

Silent Features of our Interview Program i.e.:
  • Personality analysis by Eminent Mock Interview Experts & Retd. IAS, IPS, IFS, IES Officers.
  • One to One Discussion on DAF. 
  • Performance evaluation & Feedback.
  • One to one session with our Mock Interview Expert.
  • Two mock interviews and one personal sitting with our mock interview experts. 
  • The five members interview panel which consist of Retd. Civil Servants, Psychologists and subject experts.

Each mock interview will be video recorded available to candidate for self analysis.


To take admission in our comprehensive Classroom Programme for UPSC preparation, Vajirao & Reddy Institute offers an Online Admission process. Where a candidate can register online to join these courses.

  • Online Registration: Candidates seeking admission in a batch must apply on or before the registration last date using the submission of the Online Registration Form which is available on the Institute’s website: Click Here.
  • On registration online, our system will generate a token number for the candidates and admission will be offered based on the token numbers. A candidate, who registers sooner on the days of online registration, will get preference for the choice of batches as well.
  • Registration Fee: 5,000
  • English Medium Fee: Rs.1,75,000
  • Payment can be made through NEFT, RTGS, UPI or IMPS.
  • You are advised to make payments only against the issuance of fee-receipt.
Weekend Batch Program Batch Starts Last Date for Registration

*Note: New batches keep starting regularly. To get updates please visit our website.

Important Notes:
  • Registrations are open for Limited Time only.
  • Limited Token Available for the above-mentioned course program.
  • Admission is on a first come first serve basis.

Candidates will receive an admission confirmation email and a welcome message via registered email and text message.


The competitive nature of the UPSC CSE Exam requires, to put it mildly, at least a year of committed and diligent preparation. Remember that consistency, discipline, and self-discernment are key to cracking the UPSC exam. It's also important to create a study plan and allocate enough time for each subject based on your strengths and weaknesses. Lastly, practice writing answers and essays as well, as writing skills are crucial for the Mains exam. This 15-month GS Pre-Cum-Mains is a right concoction to breakthrough the UPSC CSE examination.