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Frequently Asked Questions about IAS, PCS and Civil Services Exams

Civil Services Aspirants are faced with many dilemma. The tremendous prestige of the examination has created an aura about the examination and given rise to many half – baked truths,which heighten the sense of awe. Here an attempt is being made to dispel certain popular “myths” by confronting them with the corresponding Vajirao & Reddy Institute answers i.e.” realities”.

Ans :- The IAS is undoubtedly among the best service.However, there are other services, which are equally best and satisfying. Hence, it is necessary to have some idea of career opportunities in other services.

Ans :- Both the IAS and the IPS are services in which one come in close contact with the people. Decisions taken directly or indirectly by IAS and IPS officers have considerable impact on the common man. Any position in which a lot of authority is vested is bound to have controls too. The more important is the position the grater is the control. This applies equally to private and public sector . It is fallacy to imagine that the private sector offers a great degree of independence. The top position in the private sector are also subject to control or interference in some form or the other.

Ans :- How does one measure intelligence? Can we call someone highly intelligent just because he/she scores 100% in Mathematics or Physics at the 10th class level? Or do we call a student who has consistently secured a first division intelligent?. The fact is , the notion of intelligence is susceptible to varied definitions.A survey conducted a few years back indicated that most of the successful students had secured only a second or third division in graduation. So while a high academic score is a definite asset, a second or third division in no way hits your chances. You may yet prove yourself

Ans :- The UPSC offers 23 optionals in the preliminary. All optionals offer equal chances of success. Usually the ” scaling System ” is followed. This method may be explained as follows:Total no.of candidates appearing at the examination with various optionals = 1,00,00. Total no. of candidates to be selected for the Main Examination = 10,000. Candidates taking History = 20,000. Minimum representation to be secured of candidates who have opted for history = 2,000. Thus, every optional is weighted proportionally.

Ans :- As explained, the number of candidates to be selected from a certain optional is directly proportional to the number of candidates who opt for it. If the larger number of students opt for a particular subject then the number of students taking it selected for the mains will be equally large

Ans :- What do you mean by cut – off? Only 10,000 qualify at the preliminary. The marks scored by the last candidate is the cut – off . Thus all candidates who score more than the cut – off will qualify and all those who don”t will not. Ou should remember that this is the competitive examination. There is no qualifying score. Whatever the marks, the first 10,000 ( this figure also subject to change – depends on number of vacancies) candidates will qualify. Thus, cut – off mark changes from year to year. If the questions are difficult the “cut – off ” automatically comes down

Ans :- Not necessary. But it is advisable to stick with the prelims optional. To be able to do preliminary well, one has to do a thorough study of the subject matter. This comes handy if one opts for the same optional in the mains. If different optionals are taken it would lead to tragic waste of time.

Ans :- It's not true though the 90% of the preliminary syllabus is included in the mains. Different approach is required. Preliminary demands a micro approach requiring close acquaintance whereas the mains require a broad perspectives. Hence different methods of preparation are called for

Ans :- While people claim long hours of study, yet it is doubtful whether 16 hours of intensive study is humanly possible. Remember it is not the number of hours that is important but the work that you put in those hours is important. Each one of us has a “span of attention” and the preparation should be tailored accordingly. There is no need to obsessed with the number of hours. In short , quality of hours is important rather quantity of hours

Ans :- Every competitive examination has a “chance” factor. The Civil Services Examination too bound for to some extent. While , there is an element of chance it can be reduced to a large extent by well – directed effort. A student , who has prepared in the right direction, has 90% of chance of being successful. Moreover, the Main exam is conducted some 80 days after the declaration of the preliminary result. 80 days is “just not” sufficient to prepare for two optionals and General Studies paper.

Ans :- No. It is applied in each stage of examination. Otherwise proportional representation to the next stage is not possible

Ans :- As mentioned earlier there is nothing like “paying” and “non-paying” optional. This myth has been in circulation as some students who have done well at the prelims with an option have failed to score high marks in the mains. This can be attributed to two reasons.

  1. Having thoroughly prepared for the optionals at the preliminary level, the aspirant becomes complacent as he feels he knows the subject “too well” and tackle the mains with ease.
  2. The aspirant may lacks the required writing skills. The preliminary examination being a multiple choice type, requires the familiarity with the subject. Language & Writing skills not required at this stage . But in the Main examination , especially in the social sciences, adequate writing skills ( which are based on one”s command over the language) along with knowledge of the subject is essential. If an aspirant does not have the writing skills will obviously not score well

Ans :- Experience of successful candidates has disproved this largely accepted fact. Aspirants who have not had adequate time to grasp the nuances of the subject have also scored high. Perhaps this is because of good writing skills and proper approach to the subject. The trend of scores in the previous examination indicates that the UPSC expects a general level of knowledge rather than a scholarly attitude

Ans :- This was the case till a few years back. Candidates with Social Science background especially those with Sociology or Public Administration had a distinct advantage at the essay paper. Out of 8 topics given in the question paper at least two topics had a significant overlap with Public Administration or Sociology. But the 1998 Paper was different. All the topics were of a general nature and no candidate had an advantage. If the same trend repeats, preparation is imperative.

Ans :- It is included to check the competence of the student in drafting skills. The marks scored by the aspirants in the previous examination clearly indicates that it is not necessary to have flowery or bombastic language to score high. The General Essay is GENERAL as the name indicates. Good command over language and good writing skill are definitely assets, but need not be regarded as necessities. Clear and cogent expression is rewarded and even a student of pure science can score high. Hence none has an unfair advantage

Ans :- In the Civil Services Exam form, there is a column for hobby. You are expected to fill honestly. Interviewers frequently go deeper into the hobby of a candidate to evaluate him better. Sometimes, questions may be very difficult.It is also equally true that the most of us, who belong to the middle class background have had no luxury to think of really developing a hobby like photography, coin – collection, Stamp collection etc., in its literal sense. Nonetheless , leaving this column blank or writing something like “no hobby” will certainly leave negative impression. Therefore, it is suggested that you should not leave this column blank.

Just try to think upon your special interest. Every one has some special interest . Try to find out that and prepare for that in detail.

Ans :- Alagh Committee recommendations, Cabinet Committee recommendations and etc., have not yet been introduced. In case they are introduced we will witness massive reform in Civil Services Exam pattern including reduction of age, exam to be conducted after plus two, modification in syllabus and etc., However ,the current batch as well as coming batches will not be affected because whenever such reforms are undertaken , the students get ample time to prepare accordingly and it is also ensured that the students are not affected. Therefore, announcement is made much in advance before the actual implementation.

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Coaching Institutes for IAS Preparation is only to provide you a platform from where you can learn to develop opinions and help you sharpening your skill set. This is true with every coaching. Coaching Institutes for IAS Preparation regardless of their fame are only Margdarshak, they only show you the way and will help you to align yourself in the right direction. They help you get started.

Do not forget that any Coaching Institutes for IAS Preparation is there only to guide you, in the end you are the fighter who has to fight your battle with the UPSC Exam using the props provided by the coaching center. So believe in yourself and keep your confidence level high, take help of the institutes only in the areas you need them.


Top IAS Academy for IAS Preparation in Delhi – Vajirao & Reddy Institute

"Vajirao & Reddy Institute have proven their expertise in creating structured ias coaching programs for competitive upsc civil services examinations of India. Vajirao & Reddy Institute is also counted among the One of the Top IAS Coaching Academy of India. This is not only famous but it is also known as result oriented top IAS Academy in Delhi / best academy for IAS in Delhi.

Right direction and precise information sprout up a successful man out of a normal human being. This is what is demanded in today’s highly competitive environment. Seeing the growing competition to get the high quality education, IAS aspirants face a real time challenge in getting the best platform wherein they can achieve unquestionable guidance that let them gain extra advantage over others. To make these IAS aspirants reach their prospective targets, Vajirao & Reddy Institute mushroomed as one of the leading IAS Coaching institutes in Delhi India that owns excellence in developing tomorrow’s leaders. It is the dedicated IAS institute that offers specialized knowledge and skills needed to crack the Civil Service Examination.

Today’s aura of education is spreading its horizons at a faster pace following numerous dimensions, challenges and competitions from various fields. Every field has its own level of challenges wherein Civil Services emphasizes on scrutinizing the individual carrying extraordinary skills. Vajirao & Reddy Institute helps in revealing those extraordinary skills hidden in an individual with correct guidance over the education front.

Established in 1989, Vajirao & Reddy Institute is one of the top 10 IAS coaching institutes in Delhi that offers quality education services covering Best IAS coaching, UPSC examination preparation, Civil Service Exam preparation, General study preparation and Public administration preparation services with top IAS faculty management. Vajirao & Reddy Institute is counted among the best IAS Coaching institute in Delhi. This is not only famous but it is also known as result oriented top IAS Academy in Delhi.


Detailed Overview of Feature’s & Batches/Classroom Programs of Top IAS Academy in Delhi ?

IAS Regular Batches (English & Hindi Medium)

IAS Regular Batches Before anything else, preparation and razor sharp strategy is the key to success. With this idea and intention, our highly qualified and experienced faculty members developed distinguished strategy to cover different topics in a well defined manner. We assist aspirants to develop crystal clear concepts and interdisciplinary approach to crack this coveted exam. Our innovative teaching techniques create a reliable road map to candidate’s goals. We empower you to fulfill dreams and expectations while nourishing the ingredients of hardwork, determination, confidence with right-direction and exam cracking strategy. We work proactively with Aspirants to improve their performance with rapidly changing patterns of UPSC exam.  Batches are available for General Studies, CSAT, All India Prelim Test Series 2017, Main Test Series 2017 and Main Optional Subjects to ias aspirants. While some people dream of success, we make it happen. We run Regular batches to help you to prepare for IAS. These are taught in both English and Hindi medium. Get registered now for regular batches/classes for ias with best ias coaching in Delhi India.

IAS Weekend Batches (English & Hindi Medium)

IAS Weekend Batches are available to the working professional or those who can’t attend classes daily base the comprehensive courses in as detail as the foundation course itself. We run Regular batches to help you to prepare for IAS. These are taught in both English and Hindi medium. The weekend classes held on saturday and sunday. Book Your Weekend Classes for IAS/UPSC Study in Delhi India with best ias coaching in Delhi India.

Weekend Batches are available to the working professional or those who can’t attend classes daily base the comprehensive courses in as detail as the foundation course itself. We run Regular batches to help you to prepare for IAS. These are taught in both English and Hindi medium. The weekend classes held on saturday and sunday. Book Your Weekend Classes for IAS/UPSC Study in Delhi India with best ias coaching in Delhi India.


Correspondence Course (English & Hindi Medium)

Correspondence Course is also know Distance Learning Programme, primarily caters the need of those who are unable to come to metros for economic or family reason but have ardent desire to become a civil servant. Simultaneously, it also suits to the need of working professionals, who are unable to join regular classes due to increase in work load or places of their posting.

The correspondence coaching is very scientifically and comprehensive designed by experts. It has a number of booklets. A detailed study program will be issued immediately after enrolment. Correspondence course is available in GS and Public Administration only. Get in touch with email [email protected] & call on our helpline no. +91 99994 58938 for best correspondence course for ias preparation.


General Queries

Vajirao & Reddy Institute is No. 1 Top IAS Coaching center in 51 mall road, near GTB Nagar metro station gate no.2, delhi, India for IAS MAINS, UPSC Exams, Civil Services preparation, General Study and public administration courses.

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Why Vajirao & Reddy Institute is best coaching for IAS in Delhi?

Good study material for IAS:- Well researched study material to support the class room studies, comprehensive and updated Study Material helps the students in understanding each and every topic.

Highly experienced IAS faculty of India:-Highly experienced faculty members have been imparting their knowledge and tricks in cracking the civil services exam.

Focus on practical aspects:- The Academy focuses more on conducting tests on regular intervals apart from class room studies. The completion of the course, once before the Prelims and again before the Mains exam. Also, a long test series schedule is followed after.

Comprehensive course Curriculum:- The academy takes complete initiative in following the comprehensive course curriculum as per UPSC notification.

Reasonable fee structure for IAS:- Vajirao & Reddy Pvt. Ltd. is also know for affordable fee structure ias institute in India, which is offering reasonable fee structure for all aspirants.

Excellent infrastructure:-Vajirao & Reddy Pvt. Ltd. has excellent infrastructure with all Air-conditioned Class Rooms equipped with overhead Projectors and CCTV cameras etc.

Vajirao & Reddy Institute relentless quest for perfection of study material and consistent effective teaching has always resulted in delivering superior quality coaching programs to students.

Faculty also provides the students with educational tips. Vajirao & Reddy Institute is committed to facilitate students towards effortless understanding, retention and application orientation.

Vajirao & Reddy Institute believes that academic excellence is achieved not only by curriculum based inputs but also by laying thrust on non-academic inputs-leading to individual effectiveness.


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