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UPSC IAS Main Exam 2024 Detail Application Form DAF

If you are dreaming of becoming an IAS and this time you have cleared the CSE prelims 2024, you can still drift away from your dreams, How? Here we are saying it because, if you have not applied online UPSC DAF 1 form then it means you will not be able to participate in the mains exam (Official UPSC Mains Exam 2024). How to fill DAF? And, what are the things which need to be pay attention to for this? You can find out everything here.

UPSC DAF Form 2024: After declaring the results of the Civil Services Examination (CSE) Preliminary Exam 2024, the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has started filling the online form (DAF 1) for UPSC CSE Main Exam 2024. For this, candidates can submit the form available on the site along with the documents till July 12 at 6 pm

In the year 2024, a total of 13 lakh 10 thousand approx. candidates attempted the UPSC Civil Service Prelims exam held on 16 June 2024. The Union Public Service Commission declared the UPSC Prelims 2024 result on 01 July 2024. For information related UPSC Prelims 2024 result visit official website A total of about 14,625 approx. candidates have been successful in the UPSC CSE 2024 prelims exam. Now these candidates will appear for the UPSC Mains 2024 exam to be held on 20 September.

It is necessary to fill the DAF i.e. Detailed Application Form before appearing in the UPSC Mains exam. The DAF form has been uploaded on the UPSC website. Through this form, the Union Public Service Commission evaluates and assesses the suitability of candidates for various administrative posts in the government. DAF 1 is filled before the Mains exam and DAF 2 before the interview. For information visit official website

UPSC DAF: Who can fill the DAF form?

All the candidates who clear the UPSC prelims exam are asked to fill the DAF 1 form till 12 July. Without DAF 1 they will not get a chance to appear in the Mains exam. In the same way as far as UPSC Mains 2024 examination, the candidates who pass this exam will need to fill the DAF 2 form. This means they cannot be accorded an interview without this.

You will have to provide 6 information in UPSC DAF 1.

Information related to the following information will have to be provided in UPSC DAF 1 form.

  1. Personal information
  2. Educational information
  3. Parents' information
  4. Employment related information
  5. Necessary documents
  6. Final submission
Enclose the following documents with the UPSC DAF

Some documents have to be attached along with the UPSC DAF 1 form while filing it, details of which are as follows

  1. Matriculation certificate
  2. Mark sheet/ Final Year appearing certificate
  3. Domicile/Merit caste certificate/Income or property document
  4. Disability certificate (if valid)
  5. Employment (if a civil servant)
Other information

Apart from the details asked in the DAF form, you can also provide other information. This will increase the importance of the information given in your form. It will be like your portfolio.

  1. About prizes, medals, scholarships
  2. Optional subject for civil services mains examination (cannot be changed later).
  3. Language for interview
  4. Extracurricular activities, interests and hobbies.
  5. Other education and employment related information
What not to write in DAF form?

Most of the UPSC interview focuses on DAF 1 and 2. So while filling it, keep in mind that every detail should be according to your personality and do not give any wrong information in it. One should avoid writing anything false in the UPSC DAF form. The people present in the UPSC interview panel will ask you questions only on the basis of the information given by you. So write only that in it, which you remember while giving the interview.

This is how to fill the form

The candidate has to fill the application form before 12th July by following the following steps.

  • Candidates who qualified the CSE preliminary exam 2024, will first have to visit the official website of UPSC (
  • After going to, click on the link of Active Examination section.
  • After this, go to the application link after clicking on the link of Civil Services Mains Examination 2024.
  • After completing the registration, fill every detail asked in the form.
  • After uploading/attaching the documents, finally submit the form and keep its PDF and printout safe for future.

Candidates will not have to pay any kind of examination fee while filling the UPSC DAF form. Let us tell you that candidates will be selected for 1056 posts through Civil Services (Mains) Examination 2024. As per the UPSC calendar, the Mains exam is scheduled to be held on September 20, 2024.

What to write in the interest or hobby column?

In the UPSC DAF 1 form, the candidate has to give information about his interests and inclinations. This shows that apart from studies, in which other activities the candidate is interested. After passing the Mains exam, the members of the interview board ask questions related to these. The questions asked in this column should be filled very carefully and thoughtfully.

  1. - This gives overall information about your personality. By writing attractive/unique hobbies here, you can make your image positive in front of the interview board.
  2. You should avoid writing about too many interests in your form. By writing too many interests, you can get stuck in the complex questions of the interview board.
  3. Do not try to make or show yourself great through your interest. It is possible that you have a feeling of kindness and goodwill, but writing it in the form may seem strange.
  4. Try to create curiosity in the interview board members with your interest. Write something that will excite the board members to talk to you on that subject.
How to decide the preference of service?

After the interview, after passing the civil service exam, think well about which service you want to go into (UPSC Civil Services Exam). In a column of the UPSC DAF form, the service (Group A and B) has to be mentioned according to preference. It cannot be changed later.

  1. After the UPSC result is released, the candidate is allotted the same service which comes to him on the basis of his rank and the preference list in the DAF form.
  2. While filling the UPSC DAF 1 form, fill the preference order in front of all the services (Group A and B). Do not make the mistake of leaving any service.
  3. If you leave some services due to overconfidence, then even if you miss the service of your choice by a few numbers, you will not be considered.
  4. If you are already in the civil service, then fill only those services (Group A and B) in your preference list, in which you are interested.
  5. - If you are ineligible for any service due to health reasons, then you can leave it. If you have filled that option and are declared ineligible for it in the physical test, then you will be allotted the next service mentioned in the preference list.
  6. You can appear for the exam again while being in a service. But if you are in the Indian Foreign Service, then you will get a chance to appear for the UPSC exam again only after resigning.
Guidelines and Suggestion by UPSC
  1. Those Candidates who have been declared as qualified in the part –II written (Subjective) part of the examinations are required to have registration done before filling up of the Online Detailed Application Form at official website of UPSC.
  2. They can create registration accounts by clicking on relevant link provided just below ‘login’ button.
  3. On the registration module, submit your name as it appears on your matriculation/secondary examination certificate), roll number (in six-digit format), date of birth as recorded on your matriculation/secondary.
  4. (a) All Information is mandatory.
    (b) Candidates should enter a valid and active e-mail address in the e-mail address form, since login credentials will be delivered to the registered e-mail addresses provided by the candidates.
  5. After pressing the submission button, the candidates will see a notice on their computer indicating that they have been registered and that a password will be issued to their email address.
  6. The candidate will then have to go back to the same website ( and enter his/her Roll Number (six digit numbers) and Password in the login module.
  7. As mentioned before, the Online DAF (Detailed Application Form) consists of six modules namely Personal Data, Educational Information, Parental Data, Employment records, Document submission and Final Submission
  8. Before final submission of the form, it must be checked using the Final Submission module, and all the modules must be completed.
  9. Candidates should save each module after completing it. Nevertheless, candidates will be permitted to make modifications to any module prior submitting the DAF (Detailed Application Form). Once the Final Submission has been completed, no additional modifications will be possible online.
  10. Candidates have to submit scanned copies of documents that include educational qualification, certification of age, community certificate, and PH certificate, as specified in the Instructions to Aspirants for Filling out the DAF (Detailed Application Form).
  11. Candidates should be aware that some of the information, such as Candidate's name, Date of Birth, Father's name, Mother's name, email address, Physically Challenged category, Disability percentage, and so on, have been auto-filled with information provided by the candidate when filling out the previous Online Application Form for writing the Written Examination/Preliminary Written Examination. These information fields cannot be further extended or changed by the applicants. However, if the Candidate gets an error or a discrepancy in these fields, he may make a separate detailed submission to the Commission with all the necessary documents and proofs to support his statement.