How to Prepare from Books for UPSC CSE

How to Prepare from Books for UPSC CSE

We, at Vajirao and Reddy consistently endeavour to provide the best possible study material to our students. The content is re-written, re-adjusted, edited, proof-read and then published. We do not claim that we are error free but our core focus has always been on trying to give the best possible content which we can provide.

There have been continuous changes in the style and presentation of the books given out to the students in view of the constant changes brought about by the UPSC in its Civil Services Examination pattern, especially since 2013.

We have an editorial team which consists of teachers, professional educators, already qualified students and some permanent editors whose job is to constantly update and edit the books. First, our editorial team identifies the kind of questions which have been asked in the latest exam and also the last 5 years. Second, the questions asked in the exam and the topics from where the questions have come are identified. Third, the editorial team studies the sources from where the topics have been asked, identifies what new or fresh content has to be picked up, and prepares the content from such sources for all subjects. Fourth, fresh additions are done from various other books and also some lesser known books to give a different flavour to the content so as to cover the various dimensions of the content.

Thus, the challenge we continuously face is in trying to compress the content in a manageable manner so that it remains interesting to read and also does not become too long or unwieldy.

We publish our content accordingly and the salient features of our books are:

  1. Giving a comprehensive overview of the subject, according to the syllabus, which is defined in many cases and also undefined in some cases. For the defined part of the syllabus, the basic books and NCERT books come in handy. Newspapers, Magazines are also used to enrich the content when it comes to the undefined part.
  2. We always try to incorporate as many images, diagrams and illustrations to make the content interesting, lucid and easy to understand for the students.
  3. We give a lot of emphasis upon Multiple Choice Questions (including past year UPSC civil services questions) in the book to give the students an idea about what questions have been asked in previous years and what level of preparation is generally expected from the students.
  4. In many subjects Main Exam Practice Questions (including past year UPSC questions asked) are also given in the book to inculcate the habit of answer writing in the students.

If any inadvertent error(s) are found by the editorial team or if an error(s) are brought to the notice of the team, the errors are rectified in subsequent editions. We hope that we can continue to remain a strong pillar for the students preparing for the Civil Services Exam, and we will welcome any criticism of our work as long as it is genuine and is in the long-term interest of the student community.

All the best for the preparation!