Best Anthropology Optional Booklist for UPSC IAS

Anthropology Books for UPSC are focused on the issues and topics related to the development and Indian culture. As per the student’s feedback and preference, Anthropology is one of the safest optional subjects in the UPSC exam. The Anthropology Books for UPSC would help the candidates to cover the anthropology syllabus in the best possible way. The syllabus of anthropology is much more streamlined, and if candidates used the right anthropology optional books, it will be easier for him/her to crack the civil services exam.

The key step is to understand the anthropology syllabus of UPSC Mains exam, and then proceed with the preparation by choosing the Best Anthropology Books for UPSC.

Books for Anthropology Optional - UPSC CSE

Below we have listed some of the highly recommended Anthropology Books for UPSC optional papers. As paper one includes topics like the development of anthropology, relationship with other disciplines, human evolution, etc. these following books would be the best choice.

  1. Physical anthropology by P. Nath
  2. Anthropology by Ember and Ember
  3. An Introduction to Social Anthropology by D.N.Majumdar & T. N. Madan
  4. An Introduction to Anthropological thought ( Theories) - by Makhan Jha
  5. Indian Anthropology by Nadeem Hasnain
  6. Indian Anthropology by R. N. Sharma
  7. Tribal India by Nadeem Hasnain
  8. Xaxa committee report
  9. State, society and tribes by Virginius Xaxa