Storm likely in Bay of Bengal



  • The India Meteorological Department said that a low-pressure area (a precursor to cyclonic storm) is likely to form in the eastern Bay of Bengal and the Northern Andaman Sea.
  • Surface temperature of the Bay of Bengal is on the higher side which would likely provide the ammunition the weather system needs to turn into a cyclone.
  • If the cyclone takes shape, it will be called Yaas, a name given by Oman.


  • The formation of the depression comes close on the heels of Cyclone Tauktae, which left a trail of destruction along the western coast.
  1. are common in the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea in May, ahead of the monsoon onset.
  1. weather system draws on the heat and moisture to gain strength in the sea.
  • The low-pressure system of cyclone needs a continuous supply of heat energy. The Bay of Bengal is warmer than the Arabian Sea, and hence can provide the heat energy needed to sustain the low-pressure system.
  • Sea surface temperatures and humidity directly correlate with the chances of cyclone formation.
    • The Bay of Bengal receives higher rainfall and constant inflow of fresh water from the Ganga and Brahmaputra rivers and the surface water keeps getting refreshed, making it impossible for the warm water to mix with the cooler water below. This condition is ideal for depression.
  1. absence of a large landmass between the Pacific and the Bay allows cyclonic winds to easily move into the Bay of Bengal.
  1. ow-pressure system originating from the Pacific Ocean also travel towards the left to the Bay of Bengal.
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