Himalayan serow spotted in Assam



Recently, a Himalayan serow, a goat-antelope, has been confirmed as the newest creature to be spotted in Manas National Park, Assam.

About Manas Tiger Reserve
  • The Reserve is contiguous with the 1,057-sq. km. Royal Manas National Park in Bhutan.
  • It is also a UNESCO Natural World Heritage site, a Project Tiger reserve, an elephant reserve and a biosphere reserve.
  • Manas is famous for its population of the wild water buffalo.
  • Major river- Manas river (tributary of Brahmaputra river)
Other species
  • A medium-sized mammal with a large head, long and coarse hair and mule-like ears, the black-necked crane.
  • A colourful Mandarin duck
  • A critically endangered white-bellied hero
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