High-level expert panel ‘One Health’



  • Recently, World Health Organization (WHO) formed a High-Level Expert Panel ‘One Health’ to investigate rise in zoonotic diseases.
  • Zoonotic diseases are pathogenic infections that transmit from animals to humans. 75% infectious diseases are caused by zoonosis.

Mandates of the panel ‘One Health’

  • To study the emergence and spread of zoonotic diseases like H5N1, avian influenza, MERS, Ebola, Zika and possibly the novel coronavirus disease.
  • Advise several international organisations for averting future outbreaks.
  • Develop a surveillance framework and global action plan.
  • Study various human activities (food production, distribution, urbanisation etc.) which disturb the natural wildlife and environment.
  • These mandates are in pursuance with the ‘One Health’ approach for tackling and preventing the outbreak of zoonotic diseases.

About ‘One Health’:

  • This concept recognises that the health of human beings is connected to the health of animals and environment and is relevant for Food safety, controlling zoonosis and antibiotic resistance.
  • This term was first used in 2003–2004 and it was associated with the emergence of severe acute respiratory disease (SARS) and avian influenza H5N1.
  • In April, 2021 the WHO has issued guidelines to reduce the risk of transmission of zoonotic pathogens to humans in food production and marketing chains.

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