In News
  • The Central Information Commission (CIC), the lead body for implementing the Right to Information Act, has held that there is no public interest in disclosing details of the donors of political parties as this will violate provisions of the Act because these fell in the third party information bracket.
  • Disclosure of names of donors and the donees may be in contravention of section 8(1)(e)(j) of the RTI Act.
  • It exempts a public authority to give a citizen information available to a person in his fiduciary relationship, unless the competent authority is satisfied that the larger public interest warrant the disclosure of such information.
Arguments against
  • The information of donors must be disclosed in the interest of transparency, accountability and efficient functioning of central investigating agencies.
Electoral Bond Scheme
  • Notified in 2018, allows citizens and corporates to buy monetary instruments from the SBI and donate them to a political party, which is then free to redeem it for money.
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